The Doron Merdinger Process: From a 3D Image to a Masterpiece

Posted: Dec 08 2014

Every piece from a Doron Merdinger collection is able to showcase consistent craftsmanship due to being created by a cutting-edge digital process. Before this process came about, it was nearly impossible to bring together different materials to create a seamless design. Since the materials that could be joined together react differently from each during the production process. For example, this means that during production metals will shrink by 3 to 5 percent and porcelain may shrink up to 18 percent. When a designer chooses to combines two materials like these together to create a piece the inconsistency is clearly evident in the finished product.

Yet, Doron Merdinger along with five other designers found a way to solve this age-old problem by utilizing computer-aided-software (CAD). In three years they created the ground-breaking Arabesque collection. It was the world’s first fully integrated luxury tableware collection that used 3D files during production, along with other advanced technologies. The collection featured coffee and tea sets, cutlery, stemware, dinnerware, and accessories like napkin holders and tea infusers, with the same stunning motif.

To start this process,

  • The Arabesque collection was first brought to life through 3-D computer images that allowed the designers to view each piece from all sides and angles.
  • They then used control printers, lasers and water-jet cutters, along with a 3-D printing program that allowed them to create intricate pattern.
  • The result was a collection that displayed an impeccable matching design on each piece of tableware.    

Now the collection is in production in five factories around the world. Effortlessly bringing together various materials such as fine bone china with nearly 50 percent real bone-ash content, 18kt gold and titanium applied as vacuum plating, and hand-blown, with no-lead crystal to create every luxurious piece. The pattern featured on the pieces from the Arabesque collection is not one that is simple. It’s rich with an intriguing pattern of plant forms and abstract shapes that are traditionally associated with Islamic decorative artwork.  This classic Islamic pattern has appeared in architecture and on other forms for over 1,000 years. 

By mastering this process, Doron Merdinger has been able to design and bring to life two other collections, the freeing Rope and Sails collection and the spirituality uplifting Jacobs Ladders collection.  Each one of these collection offers tableware with a unique biblical story told through distinctive designs and patterns. All pieces display the same traditional craftsmanship by means of modern technology. 

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