Doron Merdinger : Inspired by Philosophies that Spiritually Uplift

Posted: Dec 08 2014

Merdinger’s founded his business with intriguing designs inspired and intertwined with Jewish mysticism along with a scientific viewpoint The spiritual journey for Merdinger began when he started to study Kabbalah and began to understand the universe from both a physical and spiritual perspective. Along with the study of the Sefer Ha-Yetzira (Book of Creation), the earliest book of Jewish mysticism, that was ascribed to the patriarch Abraham. The Sefer Ha-Yetzira is a special book that describes how God employed “32 wondrous ways of wisdom” to create the world and explores the deeper meaning of the 22 Hebrew letters. It also explains the 10 Sefirots which is the basis of Kabbalah, along with the four basic elements, the planet and the Zodiac.  

Absorbing as much as he could about the universe, as well as the parallels between the spiritual and physical, Merdinger was soon able to draw inspiration from that knowledge to bring to life his brand. He went on to entrust the Star of Abraham as the mainstay of his logo. The Star of Abraham was first discovered in the Sumerian city of Ur which was the birthplace of the patriarch Abraham. It is a three-dimensional sphere that showcases the divine chariot by way of its two pyramids, one pointing upwards and one pointing downwards, as well as the four elements of earth, wind, water and fire.   

For the flagship collection Arabesques, Merdinger drew upon inspiration for the Islamic spiritual world. The classic geometrical pattern from ancient times brings together the shapes of plants with animals. This intriguing pattern represents a harmonic and peaceful world with no end.  It also has the symbol known as the Merkava sign, a sign that has two pyramids attached to one another in 3 dimensions. The Arabesques collection serves a shining symbol of Merdinger’s love for God’s eternal creation, nature.  Merdinger’s interest for advanced sciences such as quantum theory and game theory is also clear in this collection. Within it, he was able to capture the ancient arabesque pattern by figuring it out through the complex binary language of computers.

Merdinger continues advocates peace while attempting to build a bridge between different cultures and religions. His does this with a powerful spiritual message that's seen and felt through every piece of his breath-taking collections. Merdinger’s Jacob’s Ladder collection showcases the biblical dream with a symbolic, yet modern ladder design. While the Ropes & Sails collection captures the beauty and freedom that is nature.  

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