Doron Merdinger :The Man Behind the Brand

Posted: Dec 19 2014

The man behind this prestigious brand is spiritual designer, Doron Merdinger. Through his collections, he has been able to showcase stunning pieces inspired by peaceful, uplifting philosophies. Merdinger is able to recreate every vision and design on an impeccable scale with the use of cutting edge technology. As the son of 2nd generation European silversmiths, Merdinger understands the precise use of every precious stones, metals, porcelain, crystals and exotic woods.

When Merdinger finished his study of Business Administration abroad in San Diego and New York, he came back home with a set goal to re-launching the family owned Hazorifm store on a grand scale. He did so in six years by becoming General Manager and transforming the store from a mainly Judaica business into a worldwide giftware shop. With the goal for his family’s store finally realized, Merdinger was able to leave and begin to accomplish his own dreams.

Merdinger went on to effortlessly combines the stories and artwork of the ancient world with the latest technology as the base of his craft. In 2005 he was able to discover computer-assisted-design software (CAD). This software enabled him to carry out his vision of creating an impeccable collection with the complex ancient arabesques pattern. CAD brought to life a collection that showed the nature and depth of the ancient pattern in a flawless way. Merdinger also paved the way as one of the world’s first designer to create a fully integrated tableware collection using 3D files during production, and very advanced technologies such as laser cutting.

Doron Merdinger’s flagship Arabesque collection has sold at the upscale Thomas Goode store, home of the world’s finest tableware in London. With a design base operating in the USA, Merdinger is able to cater to clients from the Arab World. His luxurious collection has found its way to the decorative tables at the Emirates Palace Hotel in Abu Dubai. Pieces for the collection have also sold at the Dubai’s King’s Store. The grand palace in Turkmenistan is also home to a beautiful Arabesque set. Merdinger has also designed a one-of –a-kind necklace exclusively for superstar artist Madonna. The silver and gold necklace was accented with 72 brilliant black diamonds. These diamonds framed the three-letter mystical name of God, along with a centerpiece that displayed Madonna’s adopted Hebrew name, Ester.  

With each piece created by Merdinger there is a peaceful message. It’s a message to the world that there is a God. A God that doesn’t belongs only to the Jew, the Christians or the Muslims. One that should never be fought over, but peacefully shared. Merdinger’s creations are also meant to symbolize that a higher world does exist. Their structure and form are unique since they are visually created in a virtual reality of the higher world. Their presences show that there is more to life than the obtainable physical.

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