From Natural Materials to a Work of Art

Posted: Dec 19 2014

A solid foundation crafted from the finest materials is essential for every designer who wants to create the best piece possible. As a 2nd generation silversmith Merdinger’s knowledge of natural resources has led him to create beautiful tableware at the highest quality. Merdinger’s designs consist of opulent 18kt gold & titanium, fine bone china, along with finishing techniques that guarantee shine and durability.

From a designer’s point of view Merdinger opted to use gold and not silver for his flagship Arabesque collection. Merdinger believed that this luxurious metal was one that aligned well with the line inspired by Kabbalistic beliefs. The gold embossed decals accenting pieces such as the plates and cups feature 12 percent pure gold. While pieces such as dinner forks and spoon consist of metal alloys and plated with 18kt and titanium. Pieces like the tea infuser and espresso spoon are treated with a special vacuum plating technique which gives each product a high shine along with lasting durability. For the Jacobs Ladder Collection the decorative ladders on the fine china is made of 12% pure platinum while the flatware is created from polished 316 Marine grade stainless steel.

The glassware from Arabesque collection is also given much attention as it is made using the age-old mouth-blown technique. This technique requires a skilled artisan to inflate molten glass into a bubble with the aid of a blowpipe to create the glass cup. Whether it is champagne flute or wine glass, the size and shape will be flawless. Each unique glass from the Arabesque stemware collection is paired with a beautiful 18k gold & Titanium plated stem. As for the tableware, only the finest bone china porcelain is use to create the cups, plates and bowls in all of Merdinger’s collections. The china used is made of almost 50% bone ensuring that the finished product features a high level of whiteness and translucency.

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