Merdinger Tableware: Inspiring both the Senses and the Mind

Posted: Dec 29 2014

An entertaining dinner party isn’t complete with elegant tableware. Impress your guest with a succulent dish served on Merdinger’s meaningful tableware for an unforgettable meal. Choose from our three spiritually inspired collections that will be the highlight of the evening. Each collection offers breath-taking pieces that are also fully functional and practical.

The Arabesques tableware collection offers pieces that are elegant as well as luxurious that perfectly match each other. This collection was inspired by the ancient Islamic pattern that portrays plant and animals. Each piece from this collection was created exclusively with cutting edge technology, effortlessly combining the past with the present. A table set with the Arabesques collection is a sight to behold. Each plate is crafted from the finest bone china porcelain that contains almost 50 percent bone ash. While the Arabesque pattern accenting each plate is made of 12 percent pure gold presented in a wave design that gradually expands from the smallest plate to largest plate. The glasses that accompany this collection feature mouth-blown glass attached to patterned 18 kt gold and titanium stems. The exquisite matching flatware for this collection features a seamless design achieved with the use of 3D modeling. Each piece is made from a strong combination of metals (metal alloys, plated titanium and 18 kt gold) and finished with the Arabesque pattern precisely filled with an inlay of onyx black poly. This collection also features a lavish coffee and tea set that is fit for a King. Both pieces are created from fine bone porcelain with a glossy ivory surface with pure gold hand-painted onto the cap as well as the handle. This set is finished with a golden embossed arabesque decal.

The sophisticated Jacobs Ladder Collection was inspired by the biblical dream patriarch Jacob recieved. A dream that symbolizes the significant connection between the spiritual world with the physical one. With this collection you can effortlessly set an impressive table that displays this meaningful dream in each refine piece. The dinnerware for the Jacobs Ladder collection is crafted from the highest grade fine bone china porcelain. Every plate features a curved design that is decorated with subtle ladder decals created with 12 percent pure platinum. The matching coffee and tea pot set is also made with glossy bone china porcelain with a crisp tiered design and decorated with the sleek ladder decal in pure platinum.

The final set of tableware is from the Ropes and Sails collection. This collection is inspired by the freedom felt as one sets sail on the vast open sea. This collection is home to crisp smooth white dinnerware created from fine bone china with a Doron Merdinger’s trademark Star of Abraham logo. The brilliant flatware is crafted from polished marine grade stainless steel. Each piece was designed to capture pure energy of the sea with its structured form that is continuously flowing.

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