Doron Merdinger Gifts: Give a Gift that is Both Lavish and Meaningful

Posted: Jan 12 2015

Every special occasion calls for a unique and thoughtful gift. In Merdinger’s marvelous gift selection you’ll find the perfect little something that will make an anniversary, birthday or celebration even more splendid. Wow everyone in the room with a one-of-a-kind gift created with unique spiritual inspiration and advance technology.    

For the special woman in your life choose from a gift selection that is both elegant and luxurious. Present her with a whimsical butterfly brooch created from smooth marine grade silver steel. Their wings displays the lovely signature arabesques pattern while the center features dazzling crystal stones. You can also show your undying love with a timeless Heart Brooch. The meaningful Heart Brooch is plated with lavish 18 kt gold and titanium. It’s finished with the breath-taking Arabesque pattern with an inlay of onyx black enamel.   

Housewarming parties are a time to celebrate a new beginning in a new home. Bring a gift that reflects the occasion like the artistic Fallen Leaf centerpiece. This centerpiece will serve as an excellent focal point for a new living space or home office. The stunning realistic golden leaf displays the alluring and complex Arabesques pattern. This visual piece has an un-fused pigmented amethyst glass base with a calming ripple effect. 

For the business man in your life who is hard to impress, choose from a selection of lavish gifts that are surprisingly functional. Like this wonderful magnifying glass and letter opener. It’s created with metal alloys (that are plated in 18 kt gold and titanium) and finished with creative arabesque pattern. This gift is ideal for man with a grand home office. While a pair of cuff links is a great gift for a man who is fashion forward. The unique Rhombus cufflinks from Merdinger features fine 18kt gold with an inlay of onyx black enamel shining from in between the spiritual pattern.

Welcome a new life into the world by celebrating with a precious baby gift from Doron Merdinger.  The golden Arabesques Baby Pacifier keepsake is one gift the family will treasure for many years to come. Created with 18 kt and titanium, this golden pacifier features colorful semi-precious stones peeking through its Arabesques patterned center.  The playful, yet luxurious Golden Arabesques Rattler is also a great gift to give the happy family. This flowing rattler features dazzling 18 kt gold plating adorned with the Arabesques pattern in onyx black enamel.   

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