Personalize Your Wardrobe in Merdinger Style

Posted: Jan 12 2015

A men’s suit should never be without chic accessories. Display your personality with a stylish flare by finish every suit you own with fantastic accessories. The luxurious pieces from Merdinger’s Men’s Jewelry collection will effortlessly add a spiritual and luxurious finish to your suit.

Cufflinks are a small, yet sleek accessory that should never be overlooked. A pair classic cufflinks will instantly update the feel of clean white cuff sleeves. Choose from Merdinger’s Jewelry Collection which offers timeless cufflinks that will create a sophisticated finish to every shirt. The Rhomus cufflinks in Gold is from the spiritually inspired Arabesques collection. These cufflinks have marine grade stainless steel exterior plated with shimmering 18K gold plating completed with the stunning signature pattern highlighted with an inlay of black enamel.  For a unique, yet simple finish, pair your cuff sleeves with a set of Truffles stainless steel cufflinks. They have a black agate stone setting topped with the Star of Abraham.   

Refine, yet functional a clip tie will speak values about your personal style. Clip ties will keep your tie neat while adding a touch of sophistication to a well-made suit. Merdinger offers clip ties designed to give the wearer a sharp and truly unique finish.  The Arabesques tie clip has glimmering18K gold and titanium plating on its silver steel exterior. It features the collection’s signature Arabesques pattern brought to life with an onyx black enamel inlay.  The Arabesques tie clip also comes in a variety of combinations including gold with white, silver with black, and silver with white. You can also wear the Truffles tie clip which will add a modern touch to your suit with its sleek design.  Created from marine grade stainless steel these tie clips feature a black agate stone setting accented with the Star of Abraham.        


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