For That Special Someone

Posted: Jun 06 2015

With the magnificent creations designed by distinguished Doron Merdinger one is able to impress his or her beloved. If you have children do not despair as there are special items for even the entire family. Merdinger proudly represents a wide variety of creative designs that range from jewelry, tableware, and gifts for babies and that special him or her.

Men should learn quickly that a woman’s jewelry collection is never complete and has room to expand throughout the years. Most women treasure each and every special gift their loved ones give to them. To help your loved one organize a special collection that will last for several generations, you can count on Merdinger’s special collections.

Differentiate between the most attractive selections and the ones that are most the significant. Buyers can choose from a First Temptation Necklace or a White Gold Necklace shaped in a heart or 2D Crescent Mesh Gold Earrings. Each unique piece has been inspired by Doron Merdinger’s profound spiritual influence, one can only appreciate the stories told by the original designer of these products.

Choose From These and Many More…

Consider the necklace collection that extends from pure to posh, with elements that show inspirational spiritual meanings. The Heart Gold White Necklace is a remarkable masterpiece that illustrates the power in which Merdinger uses to exalt a jewel with spiritual representations. Deriving from the Arabesques collection, this delicate necklace is skilfully made with radiantly polished pearls that is effortlessly linked with magnets. It is glazed with a stylish black pearl that is the focal element alongside amalgamated 18K Gold with a Titanium Floral blueprint and completed with the antique Islamic Pattern.

A wide range of bracelets, is excellent for all types of special occasions, Merdinger’s talent and masterful skill is seen and even felt as these wonderful pieces are worn. The dapper Abraham Shield bracelet is perfect for every day, casual attire. This bracelet boasts a lustrous Abraham Shield Charm on a weave nylon string made in black, white or red with adorable refined pearls. For an amorous evening or night out, the Heart bracelet in black and gold is very fitting for that special occasion, it is very attractive and will impress and captivate your beloved. The 18K blend of gold and titanium will surely impress your friends and others. It is coated with black unfading Arabesques patterns on the heart charm.

Merdinger’s collection of rings are very fascinating. The Bambai gold ring is an enthralling design that will attract many. This daring ring displays an organic structure that is emphasized with the Arabesques patterns. The designer proudly represents a brilliant 18k gold and titanium glaze. Another ring to admire is the quaint Butterfly Ring that has wings that are complemented by the starry Arabesques patterns and wonderful crystal stones fitted on the center of the ring.

Another unique and extraordinary craft is the 2D Mesh Circle Gold fabulous Earrings. Designed like smooth discs they each show off an ageless Arabesques pattern in a dazzling 18K Gold finish. These are a must-have for your collection and great temptation for women. They are impeccable, small earrings featuring a sophisticated pearl with one underneath that is fitted in the open gold Arabesques pattern.

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