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Posted: Jul 03 2015

If you are the type of person that likes to host household parties and invite guests into your home, then you and your guests are sure to be impressed by Merdinger’s fine tableware. A dinner table is not complete without sophisticated table and dinnerware. If you are serving a luscious meal on Merdinger’s fine tableware collection, simply sit back, and watch how your guests will be impressed with your style and class. Your tableware will be the highlight of the evening. Merdinger’s spiritually inspired collections offer awestruck artistic pieces that will surely impress and make your evening even more spectacular.

Inspirational Collections

The ultimate set of tableware with Merdinger would be the Ropes and Sails assortment. This selection is influenced by the freedom of sailing in the middle of a large open body of water. This conglomeration possesses attractive polished, white dinnerware fashioned from refined bone china, with Merdinger’s Abraham Star trademark emblem. The remarkable tableware is sculpted from shiny marine standard stainless steel. Each item is fabricated to portray that endless flowing energy produced by the sea.

Another ensemble that offers poised and opulent pieces that complement each other is the Arabesques tableware set. Influenced by the primitive Islamic pattern that embodies plants and animals it will mesmerize your guest at the dinner table. Every item has been created solely with the latest technology, naturally amalgamating the past with the present.

Dinner tables displaying magnificent Arabesques collections are quite a sight. Every plate is constructed from an outstanding bone china porcelain that holds around 50 percent bones ash. The plates have a strong influence from the Arabesques patterns and are created from a 12 percent refined gold, which illuminates a wavy design that slowly extends from the smallest to the largest plate. The glasses included with this collection represent a mouth-blown glass, connected to a decorated 18Kt gold and titanium stems. The delicate complementary tableware for this set offers a smoothly continuous outline engineered with the use of 3D model technology.  Combined with sturdy metals such as metal alloys, 18K gold and plated titanium each piece is complete with an accurate Arabesques pattern infused with ornaments of onyx black poly. Included is a luxurious coffee and tea set, which is made from fine bone porcelain with a stylish ivory finish accompanied by a pure gold hand-painted cap and handle. This collection is glazed with a golden molded Arabesque decal.

Merdinger also proudly displays his Jacobs Ladder collection, which reveals the biblical story of Jacob the Patriarch’s Dream. The dream encapsulates the extraordinary link between the physical and spiritual realm. After setting your table with this elegant collection you will see the significance of the dream in each refined piece, arrayed in splendour. The Jacobs Ladder set up is skilfully made from top of the line fine bone china porcelain. Each plate presents a curvy design that is embellished with nice ladder decals made from 12 percent flawless platinum. The complementary coffee and tea pot set is created with glamorous bone china porcelain and a delicate tiered model that is finished with a smooth ladder decal made from real platinum.

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