• Gold Mezuzah Obelisk
  • Gold Mezuzah Obelisk
  • Gold Mezuzah Obelisk

Gold Mezuzah Obelisk

$ 229.00

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Adorn your home while following tradition with this marvellous Mezuzah Obelisk. The surface showcases a stunning design in brilliant stainless steel. The perfect spiritual addition to your home.

 Displaying an item of spiritual significance can often be in poor taste or pretentious. Beauty and elegance are not incompatible with tradition and spirituality, and this is wonderfully demonstrated with the Merdinger mezuzah obelisk. A work of art that will adorn your door and be a welcome greeting for your guests.

The Merdinger mezuzah obelisk is made of high quality gold design and its inlay is of black enamel. Both its appearance and its feel and texture are a testament to its excellent materials.

Our mezuzah’s expertly sculpted design of religious significance is simple, yet striking at the same time. The brilliant gold against the black background is a contrast both elegant and mystical. It is sure to attract the attention of your guests when they are entering or leaving your place.

 You can attach the mezuzah to a door frame very easily, using screws or double sided tape. Both of those necessary items are provided with the Merdinger mezuzah obelisk, and are guaranteed to securely attach your ornament on the selected space.

  • Stainless steel, 18K gold & titanium
  • Black enamel inlay
  • Can be used in or out doors
  • Can hold scroll or parchment of up to 5.9"
  • Attached to door frame by screws or double sided tape (supplied with purchase)
  • 7.9" length
  • 1.5" width
  • 0.6" thickness
  • 0.61 lb

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