• Gold Arabesque Coffee & Tea Pot Set

Gold Arabesque Coffee & Tea Pot Set

$ 395.00

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Add flare to your coffee & tea with this beautiful Coffee & Tea Pot Set from the Arabesque collection. The perfect finish to your collection of Arabesque tableware.


  • Fine bone china
  • Lid and handle are entirely hand painted
  • Glossy ivory finish
  • 50% bone ash
  • 12% gold embossed decal
  • 10" length of coffee server (spout to handle)
  • 9.6" height of coffee server 
  • 35.5 oz capacity of coffee server
  • 1.86 lb weight of coffee server
  • 10" length of tea server (spout to handle)
  • 7.3" height of tea server
  • 30 oz capacity of tea server
  • 1.56 lb weight of tea server

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  • Product Type: Tabletop
  • Collection: Arabesque
  • Mathematical grids were transformed from surfaces into matter using the most advanced technological tools. Tableware products and gifts of enduring beauty, in an alluring merger of old and new, East and West, physical and spiritual embody everything in the Arabesque Collection. 
    Composed of the finest materials available, Merdinger's full tableware collection displays a cross-section of opulent metals, precious stones, porcelain and crystal.
    The Features of Arabesque: 
    • Porcelain : high-grade Gold embossed on ivory fine-bone China porcelain (close to 50% real animal bone ash).

    • Stemware: Mouth-blown crystal that is both clear and free of lead toxicities.

    • An exceedingly strict quality control process determines only 10% of production as qualified to become Merdinger's products.

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